Master specialty

Applied Mathematics and
Computer Science
Algorithms and systems
for big data processing
Applied computer
data analysis
Logistics Analytics

Speciality "Applied Mathematics and Computer Science" implements educational programs of higher education of the second degree (Master's degree), forming the knowledge and skills of scientific-pedagogical and scientific research work.

Professional activities in the field of applied mathematics and computer science include research, development and application of modern software, mathematical methods and models of objects, systems, processes and technologies, designed for calculations, analysis, and training solutions in all areas of the professional, economic, business, social, management activities in science, technology, medicine, education. Master's graduates are specialists in the field of constructing mathematical models in various fields, as well as in the field of computer science.

Individual training plan comprises independent research work under the guidance of the supervisor, which completed the preparation of a thesis. The main areas of research are: artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, image processing and analysis, information and computer technology; investigation of multidimensional stochastic processes describing the operation of the systems and queuing networks; application of queuing theory for the solution of engineering problems and optimize the functioning of telecommunications networks; Robust statistical analysis; stochastic financial analysis; asymptotic theory of differential equations; Computational Mathematics; methods of optimal control.

The content of the training modules has a review and discussion character. The graduate certification program also includes master's exams and tests. The program provides practical training on current research in the field of applied mathematics and computer science.

Duration of training along The Master’s Degree Program is 1 year.