Кафедра периодически (раз в три года) организует международную конференцию «Компьютерный анализ данных и моделирование».

  • 1-ая Всесоюзная научная конференция «Компьютерный анализ данных и моделирование» (Минск, 1989 г.)
  • 2-ая Международная научная конференция «Компьютерный анализ данных и моделирование» (Минск, 1991 г.)
  • 3-я Международная научная конференция «Компьютерный анализ данных и моделирование» (Минск, 1993 г.)
  • 4-ая Международная научная конференция «Компьютерный анализ данных и моделирование» (Минск, 1995 г.)
  • 5-ая Международная научная конференция «Компьютерный анализ данных и моделирование» (Минск, 1998 г.)
  • 6-ая Международная научная конференция «Компьютерный анализ данных и моделирование» (Минск, 2001 г.)
  • 7-ая Международная научная конференция «Компьютерный анализ данных и моделирование» (Минск, 2004 г.)
  • 8-ая Международная научная конференция «Компьютерный анализ данных и моделирование» (Минск, 2007 г.)

    Материалы конференции

  • 2010. Computer Data Analysis and Modeling

Материалы конференции

  • 2013. Computer Data Analysis and Modeling

Материалы конференции

Кафедра активный организатор семи Международных научных конференций «Актуальные проблемы информатики».


2013. Computer Data Analysis and Modeling2010. Computer Data Analysis and Modeling2007. Computer Data Analysis and ModelingXI Международная научная конференция “Компьютерный анализ данных и моделирование” (КАДМ’2016) (“Computer Data Analysis and Modeling”– CDAM’2016)2016. XII Белорусская математическая конференция2016. Международный конгресс по информатике: Информационные системы и технологии. CSIST'2016
Some specification aspects for three-factor models of a company’s production potential taking into account intllectual capital Aivazian, S.; Afanasiev, M.; Rudenko, V.
Comparative analysis of similarity measures for medical streaming data Bernataviˇ cien˙ e, Jolita; Bazileviˇ cius, Gediminas; Dzemyda, Gintautas; Medvedev, Viktor
Too many skew normal distributions? The practitioneer’s Perspective Charemza, Wojciech; D´ıaz, Carlos; Makarova, Svetlana
A projection-pursuit method for sparse robust pca Filzmoser, P.
Some remarks on decomposition of partitioned multivariate models into two seemingly unrelated submodels Fiˇserová, E.; Kubᡠcek, L.
Fourier–type estimation of the power garch model with stable–paretian innovations1 Francq, C.; Meintanis, S. G.
On outliers and interventions in count time series following glms Fried, R.; Elsaied, H.; Liboschik, T.
On acquisition of nociceptive evoked potentials In rats cerebral cortex Kolchin, A. V.; Ionkina, E. G.
Power-law graphs robustness and forest fires Leri, M. M.; Pavlov, Yu. L.
Testing for structural Heterogeneity in vector autoregressive model by means of statistical classification methods Malugin, V.
Parameter estimation in the models with long-range dependence Mishura, Y. S.; Ralchenko, K. V.; Shevchenko, G. M.
Scalability properties of a new forward search algorithm Perrotta, D.; Riani, M.; Cerioli, A.; Torti, F.
Goodness of fit tests based on kernel density estimators Rudzkis, R.; Bakshaev, A.
Some remarks on robust estimation of power spectra Shevlyakov, G. L.; Lyubomishchenko, N. S.; Smirnov, P. O.
Rank tests for multi-sample location problem Stoimenova, Eugenia
Providing data with high utility and no disclosure risk for the public and researchers: an evaluation by advanced statistical disclosure risk methods Temp, M.
R tools for robust statistical analysis of high–dimensional data Todorov, V.; Filzmoser, P.
Eneralized method of wavelet moments for the estimation of composite stochastic models Pia, Maria; Feser, Victoria
On the exact tolerance intervals for univariate normal distribution Witkovsk´ y, Viktor
Detection of outliers with boxplots Andrea, K.; Shevlyakov, G. L.; Smirnov, P. O.
Differences between the pearson statistics distribution function and non–central chi–square distribution function Filina, M. V.; Zubkov, A. M.
Semiparametric estimation in mixture models with varying mixing probabilities Doronin, A. V.
Application of residual empirical processes to robust linear hypotheses testing in autoregression Esaulov, D. M.
On d- and a-optimal designs of experiments Kirlitsa, V. P.
Robust interpolation problem for stochastic sequences with stationary increments Luz, M. M.
On statistical estimation for markov chain of conditional order Maltsew, M. V.
Sparse principal balances for high-dimensional compositional data Mert, Can; Filzmoser, Peter; Hron, Karel
The joint distribution of the standardized maximum and standardized minimum for a normal sample Shiryaeva, L. K.
Regression smoothing kalman filter Zalesky, B. A.
Assignment of multivariate samples to the fixed classes by the maximum likelihood method and its risk Zhuk, E. E.
On parameters estimation of autoregressive time series under right censoring Badziahin, I. A.
On qualitatively robust sign test in random walk model Boldin, M. V.
Minimax extrapolation problem for periodically correlated processes Dubovetska, I. I.; Moklyachuk, M. P.
Misclassification probability based on linear discriminant function for sar error models Duˇ cinskas, K.; Karaliut˙ e, M.; ˇSimkien˙e, I.
Approximate formulas for expectation of functionals from solution to stochastic equation with random measure Egorov, A. D.
Prediction of time series based on state space model Lobach, S. V.
On robust kalman filtering with using wavelet analysis Lobach, V. I.
Modeling of spatial queues system Mukha, V. S.; Prishchepchik, M. V.
Properties of optimal stopping and exit times for diffusion processes and random walks Tomashyk, V. V.
Equential testing of parametric hypotheses: performance, robustness and application Kharin, A. Yu.
Long-memory discrete-valued time series: models and methods Kharin, Yu. S.
Sequential testing of parametric hypotheses: performance, robustness and application Kharin, A. Yu.
on comparison of classical and cepstrum-based forecasts Valoshka, V. A.; Kharin, Yu. S.
On formulas of linear interpolation for operators generated by solutions of stochastic differential equations Yanovich, L. A/
Identification of nonlinear dynamical systems under conditions of little a priory information Koplyarova, N. V.; Sergeeva, N. A.
Markov properties of gaps between local maxima in a sequence of independent random variables V.Khil, Elena
Pair change points of the triplet periodicity of genes Korotkov, E. V.; Korotkova, M. A.; Suvorova, Y. M.
Weight spectra of random linear codes Zubkov, A. M.; Kruglov, V. I.
Hypotheses testing for binary sequences obtained by the neumann transform Menshenin, D. O.; Zubkov, A. M.
On the number of subfunctions of random boolean function which are close to the affine functions set Serov, A. A.
On the power of test for randomness on the base of lempel-ziv predictor Shilkin, A. V.; Kostevich, A. L.
The analysis of the avalanche effect in discrete chaotic maps for block ciphers Sidorenko, A. V.; Mulyarchik, K. S.
Studying of genome–specificity of triplet periodicity Suvorova, Y. M.; Korotkov, E. V.
On statistical analysis of embedding in binary markov chain Vecherko, E. V.
Neural network simulation of the industrial producer price index dynamical series Soshnikov, L. E.
Methods of indirect estimation of the innovative development intensity Soshnikova, L. A.
Multidimentional comparative analysis of innovative activity of territorial units Visockij, S. U.
Introduction of modern methods of dissemination of statistical information Yermalitskaya, E. V.
On statistical estimation of parameters for poisson conditional autoregressive model by space-time data Kharin, Yu. S.; Zhurak, M. K.
Ew inequalities for the binomial law and for the total variation distance between iid samples Zubkov, A. M.
On hypothesis testing for regression model under classification of dependent variable Aheyeva, H.
About data analysis in nonparametric identification problem Chzhan, E. A.; Korneeva, A. A.; Sergeeva, N. A.
Expected income of queuing structure and its application in transport logistic Kiturko, O. M.; Matalytski, M. A.
Income forecasting in the hm-network with time-dependent parameters Kosareva, E. V.
H-models for non-inertia systems with delay Medvedev, A. V.
Parameter estimation for diffusion processes: unknown facts in the well-known theory Mishura, M. S.; Shevchenko, G. M.
Analysis of g-network at transient behavior and its application Naumenko, V. V.; Matalytski, M. A.
Asymptotic analysis of the closed queueing structure with time-dependent service parameters Matalytski, M.; Rusilko, T.; Pankov, A.
On statistical models based multi-objective optimization ˇZilinskas, A.
Robust spatio-temporal cluster analysis of disease Abramovich, M. S.; Mitskevich, M. M.
University corporative network traffic analysis based on the methods of nonlinear dynamics Basarab, M. A.; Ivanov, I. P.; Kolesnikov, A. V.; Kolobaev, L. I.
Two-step procedure to detect modified jpeg images Kapusta, A. M.
Investigation of the maximum likelihood estimator of intrinsic dimensionality Karbauskait˙ e, R.; Dzemyda, G.
Digital signal processing of blood flow volume velocity doppler sensor based on nonlinear dynamics methods Konnova, N. S.; Basarab, M. A.
A stochastic reshapable contour model for microscopic image segmentation Kovalev, V. A.; Alilou, M.
Examining the feasibility of predicting drug resistance of lung tuberculosis using image data Kovalev, V. A.; Liauchuk, V. A.; Safonau, I. U.
Decision-making during computer simulation Makarova, E. S.; Buloychik, V. M.
The analysis of the influence of the information society’s development on the economic performance in regions of belarus Navickaya, K.; Zhelezko, V.
Fast nonparametric algorithm for change point detection in stochastic process Nikitenok, V. I.
The model of the stochastic optimization of the automated forecast of dangerous squalls and tornadoes over the territory of the republic of byelorussia Perekhodtseva, E. V.
A new approach to reduction of large data set Viattchenin, D. A.
An application of methods of factor analysis in the assessment of status and dynamics of the age structure of the population of the republic of Belarus Sharilova, Y. Y.
Mixed-stable modeling of high-frequency financial data: parallel computing approach Belovas, Igoris; Starikoviˇ cius, Vadimas
A conditional convergence analysis of per capita incomes Egorov, A. A.
Statistical company’s credit ratings and their econometric analysis Hryn, N.; Malugin, V.; Novopoltsev, A.
Extended version of econometric macromodel for forecasting of the main parameters of socio-economic development of the republic of belarus Kravtsov, M. K.; Bareika, N. M.; Nikitsina, A. K.
Finite-time ruin probabilities in the discrete risk model Lappo, P.
Multifactor models of term structure of yield for zero coupon bonds Medvedev, G. A.
What drives belarusian export? an econometric exercise Miksjuk, A.
Econometric models of the impact of macroeconomic processes on the stock market in the baltic countries Rudzkis, R.; Uzdanaviˇ ci¯ ut˙ e, R.
Individual stock volatility modeling with garch–jumps model augmented with news analytics data Sidorov, S. P.; Date, P.; Balash, V. A.; Faizliev, A. R.; Korobov, E.
Express analysis of the financial condition of a company Zmitrovich, A. I.; Zborovskiy, S. N.; Krivko-Krasko, A. V.
Calculation of european type options Zuev, N. M.
Labour force survey: methodological problems Bokun, N. C.
Population of the republic of belarus on age and marital status Karpenko, L. I.; Pekarskaya, N. E.
Stochastic simulation model of employment and migration Kovalev, A.
Statistical assessment of the life potential in the regions of the republic of belarus Kulak, A. G.
Reproductive health survey in Belarus Larchenko, A. V.
Modeling the relationship of the quality of life and the investment attractiveness in grodno region Lialikova, V. I.; Khatskevich, G. A.
Application of models with the distributed lag in the analysis of ecologic and demographic interrelations Matkovskaya, O. G.
Modelling of equilibrium economic dynamics in global system of export-import cooperation Novikov, M. M.
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