2004. Международная конференция “Моделирование процессов и систем”

A 2-Tuples Model For The New Product Development Problem Lуpez–Gonzбlez, E.; Mendaсa–Cuervo, C.
A Breakdown Voltage Extraction Technique Using Numerical Modeling In Mos Structures H Bentarzi, H.; Dehmas, M.; Zitouni, A.
A Computer System For Diagnostics Of Malignant Neoplasms Using Statistical Decision Rules Abramovich, M. S.; Kovalevsky, E. V.; Mashevsky, A. A.
A Fast Iterative Procedure To Solve Wkb Equation In Optical Planar Waveguides With Graded-Index Profiles Laid Aoulmi, Mohammed
A Genetic Algorithm Based On 2-Tuples For The New Product Development Problem Lуpez–Gonzalez, E.; Mendaсa–Cuervo, C.
A New Tool In The Treatment For The Wider Information Provided By Experts For The Selection Of Players Gil-Lafuente, J.
A Part-Of-Speech Tagging Based On Subtraction Of Word-Based Regular Languages Cheusov, A.
A Topology Called Clan. Its Immersion In Social Sciences Gil Aluja, J.
About Statistical Estimator Of Pulse Transfer Function For Linear Systems Li, Fu
Adaptive Cfar Tests For Detection And Recognition Of Target Signals In Radar Clutter Strelchonok, V. F.; Nechval, N. A.; Nechval, K. N.; Vasermanis, E. K.
Analytical Method For Research Of The Quasi-Stationary Heat Transfer Process With The Mixed Boundary Conditions Mandrik, P.
Building A Flight Control System For A Modelled Aircraft Garratt, P. W.; Rushton, A. J.; Yilmaz, E.
Comparison Study Of Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms Syomkin, A. M.
Comprehensive Approach To Automation Of Laboratory Researches In Medical Institution Truhan, V.; Mozheyko, D.; Anishchenko, A.
Computer Analysis Of Multiple-Choice Examination Documents Karpowicz, J.; Malina, W.; Smiatacz, M.
Computer Generation Of Random-Close Packing Of Spheres Hlushkou, D.; Apanasovich, V.; Seidel-Morgenstern, A.; Tallarek, U.
Construction Of Self-Diagnosed Digital Devices With Programmed Logic Korotaev, N. A.; Vysocki, M. M.
Corpus Linguistics Approach To Natural Language Investigation Rubashko, N.
Design Modelling And Simulation Methods For Compact Intellectual Production Organization Svirsky, D.
Developing Multiple Sub Functions Per Association Function For Data Mining System Sivakumar, R.; Meena, K.
Development Of Three-Dimensional Animation Of Spherical Motion Platform Used In Virtual Reality Systems Tsetserukou, D. O.; Neviarouskaya, A. V.; Fontaine, J. G.
Direct Color Objects Processing In Cartographic Images Bucha, V.; Ablameyko, S.
Dynamic Airline Seat Inventory Control Nechval, N. A.; Nechval, K. N.; Vasermanis, E. K.
Economies Of Scale, Elasticities And Productive Efficiency To The Spanish Airports Network Rendeiro Martin-Cejas, R.
Evaluation Of Distance Learning Quality Based On Pattern Recognition Ghazi, Shakah
Features Of Recognition And Mapping Of Soils By Methods Of Digital Processing Of Aerial Photographs Konakh, V. V.; Topaz, A. A.
Formal Representation Of The Text Content Kravchenko, S.
Forward Interest Rates And Volatility Of Zero Coupon Yield Medvedev, G.
Fuzzy Analysis Of Enterprises Buncruptcy Zmitrovich, А. I.
Fuzzy Data Analysis: A Methodological Approach Couturier, A.; Fioleau, B.
Identification Of Stationary And Unstationary Regimes Of Respiratory Neuron Network With Computer Using Eskov, V. M.; Kulaev, S. V.; Popov, U. M.
Income And Risk Treatment On Fixed Bonds From Fuzziness Point Of View Munte, R.; Cassu, E.; Corominas, D.
Integrated Circuit (Ic) And Photomask Images Processing Technology Doudkin, A.; Vershok, D.
Invariance Improved Legendre Moments As Contour-Shape Descriptor Dinesh Kumar, V. P.; Linesh, J.; Katan, R.; Tessamma, T.
Investigation Of A "Dead Zone " In Porous Catalyst Granule In Case Of Simple Reactions With Langmuir And Hinshelwood Kinetics In A Non-Steady-State Conditions Andreev, V. V.
Investigation Of The Synergetic Property Of Biomechanical Mamalia Sys-Tem With Computing Using Eskov, V. M.; Papshev, V. A.; Klimov, O. V.; Zharkov, D. A.
Linear-Fractional Network Problem With Additional Constraints Pilipchuk, L. A.; Laguto, A. A.
Loseless Image Compression For Remote Desktop Systems Pronchev, V. V.; Tuzikov, A. V.
Microwave Imaging Equipment And Algorithms Semenchik, V.; Pahomov, V.
Modelization Of The Decision Analysis As A Base To A Decision Support System Berriel, R.; Martinez, G.; Betancor, R.; Sanchez, I.
Moving Detection And Localization In Video Surveillance Systems Kochetkov, A.
Neural Network Based Algorithm Of Preliminary Data Analysis: Application To Fluorescence And Esr Spectroscopy Nazarov, P. V.; Kavalenka, A. A.; Makarava, K. U.; Lutkovski, V. M.; Apanasovich, V. V.
Neural Network Simulation Of Δ-Correlated Stochastic Signals Nazarov, P. V.; Popleteev, A. M.; Lutkovski, V. M.; Apanasovich, V. V.
Neuro-Computer Based Mathematical Analysis In Medical Diagnostics Jamuna, R.; Meena, K.
New Approaches In Internet Projects Evaluation Marozau, P. E.; Nepravsky, A. A.
Nonhomogeneous Poisson Processes And Their Application To Economic Development Trends Al-Eideh, Basel M.
Object Reconstruction On 3d Ultrasound Images Using Simplex Meshes Snezhko, E. V.; Tuzikov, A. V.
On Departure Flows Of The Served Customers In Multiphase Queueing Systems Minkevicius, S.; Steisunas, S.
On The Cotinuous Time Limits Of Arch Models Kulikova, E.
Optimal Investment Planning Model For Power Plants Gupta, V. K.; Garg, R. K.
Particle-Based Simulation Of Electron Avalanche In Silicon Microplasma Apanasovich, V. V.; Baranouski, A. K.
Particular Qualities Of The Microsphere Plate Simulation Chudovskaya, E. A.; Dautov, M. M.
Principles Of Monte Carlo Simulations In Physical Chemistry: Luminescence Of Organized Dye Molecules Yatskou, M. M.; Kavalenka, A.; Apanasovich, V. V.; Calzaferri, G.
Quality Improvement Of Pos Tagging In Industrial Text Processing Systems Vorontsov, A.
Quality Management Under Uncertainty Krasnoproshin, V. V.; Serenkov, P. S.; Maksimovich, E. P.
Real Solutions In A Second Degree Equation With Fuzzy Coefficients. Economical Applications Bonet, G.; Ferrer, J. C.; Bonet, J.
Real Times Numerical Feedback Optimal Controls To Parabolic Boundary Problem Borzenkov, A. V.; Konovalov, O. L.; Ariko, I.
Robust Bayes Forecasting For Grouped Binary Data With Known Distortion Interval Pashkevich, M.
Selection Of A Dam In The River Basin Of River Duero By Promethee Method Gento, Angel M.
Software Development Of Information-Advertising Catalogue Creation Neviarouskaya, A. V.
Statistical Models And Decisions In Aircraft Service Nechval, K. N.; Nechval, N. A.; Vasermanis, E. K.
Statistical Properties Of Estimates Of Mutual Spectral Densities With Polynomial Window Of Data Viewing Troush, N. N.; Vasilenko, J. V.
Syntactic Approach Of Pronominal Anaphora Resolution In Intellectual Information Systems Patsepnia, V.
Systems Of Control With After-Effect And Open Problems Marchenko, V. M.
Technique For The Hidden Transfer Of The Color Images Reznik, I. A.; Sadykhov, R. Kh.
The Architecture Of System For Analysis And Optimization Of Parallel Programs Otwagin, A.; Sadykhov, R.; Bogomazov, A.
The Experimental Evaluation Of Inductive Algorithms Accuracy On Datasets From Public Data Repositories Ryabtsev, A.
The Framework To Create The System Of Self-Optimizing Mobile Agents Otwagin, A.; Sadykhov, R.; Chelalo, A.
The Fuzzy Decision Of Transportation Problem Sevastianov, P.; Dymova, L.; Dolata, M.
The Influence Of Migration On Epidemic Process Eskov, V. M.; Rachkovskaya, V. A.
The Use Of Business Games In Problem Solving And Decision Making Skiltere, D.; Bausova, I.
The Variogram Estimates Of The Intrinsically-Stationary Stochastic Processes And Fields Troush, N. N.; Tsekhavaya, T. V.
Three-dimensional Image Reconstruction For Water Modelling of Metal Casting Processes Choi, Jeong-Kil; Choi, Ki-Young; Hwang, Ho-Young; Marukovich, E. I.; Branovitsky, A. M.; Dovnar, D. V.; Zakharov, I. L.
Topic-Based Approach To Document Classification Voronkov, N.
Use Of Expert Estimations In The Form Of Indistinct Triangular Number For Forecasting The Condition Of Liquidity Of Commercial Bank Jankovskiy, I.
Use Of The Stress Testing Method In Diagnostics Of Crisis At An Enterprise Bykov, A.
Vascular Tree Characteristic Table Building From 3d Mr Brain Angiography Images Sanko, D. V.; Tuzikov, A. V.; Vasiliev, P. V.
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