2007. Computer Data Analysis and Modeling: Complex Stochastic Data and Systems

A Distance-Distance Plot for Diagnosing Multivariate Outliers Willems, G.
A Monte Carlo Method for Pricing Asian Options Bakoev, M. T.
A Package of Genetic-Breeding Statistical Programs for Personal Computers Dromashko, S. E.
A Proximity-Based Fuzzy Clustering for Fuzzy Numbers Viattchenin, D. A.
A Rating Algorithm in University Management Lialikova, V. I.
A Statistical Test Based on Frequency Statistics Of Markov Chain With Partial Connections Kharin, Yu. S.; Piatlitski, A. I.
About Best Polynomial Multidimensional-Matrix Regression Mukha, V. S.
About Management of Probability Technological Process of Manufacture by Means of the Man-Machine Imitation Complex Maksimey, I. V.; Goncharov, A. N.; Ezerskiy, D. N.; Klimenko, A. V.; Smorodin, V. S.
About One Method of Construction of the Computer Medical System of Diagnostics Rodchenko, V. G.; Gushcha, Y. W.
About One Way of Simulation of the Regional Transport Network Maksimey, I. V.; Sukach, E. I.; Giruts, P. V.; Zapolskaja, T. S.
About Prediction of Insurance Companies Expected Income Rusilko, T. V.
Algorithms for Exact Computation of Pearson Statistics Distribution Filina, M. V.; Zubkov, A. M.
Almost Sure Versions of Limit Theorems for Random Sums of Multiindex Random Variables Chuprunov, A. N.; Terekhova, L. P.
An Econometric Model for Short-Term Forecasting of Main Macroeconomic Indicators of Belarus Kravtsov M.K., M. K.; Burdyka, M. M.; Pashkevich, A. V.; Haspadarets, V. I.
Analysis of Expert Statements in Search Systems Lbov, G. S.; Dolozov, N. L.; Maslov, P. P.
Analysis of Incomes Behavior in Exponential Networks Matalytski, M. A.; Pankov, A. V.
Analysis of the Banking Crises by the Panel Logit Model with the Application to Belarussian Banking System Egorov, A. A.; Malugin, V. I.
Application of Probabilistic Regression Models to Analysis of Public Standard of Life Tamashevich, V. N.; Kravchuk, T. A.
Application of the Method of Information Decomposition for Revealing the Latent Periodicity in Financial Time Series Rudenko, V. M.; Turutina, V. P.; Korotkov, E. V.
Approximate Envelopes for Finding an Unknown Number of Multivariate Outliers in Large Data Sets Atkinson, A. C.; Riani, M.; Laurini, F.
Asymptotic Behavior of the Summarized Square Error in Dependence Dose-Effect for Indirect Observations Tikhov, M. S.; Krishtopenko, D. S.
Asymptotic Expansion in the Central Limit Theorem for an AR(1) Process Shmuratko, A. S.
Asymptotic Expansion of Risk of Forecasting of Autoregressive Time Series with Missing Data Huryn, A. S.
Asymptotic Properties of Moments Of Modified Periodogram Smoothed by Spectral Windows Troush, N. N.; Soboleva, T. V.
Asymptotically Optimal Nonparametric Signal Interpolation Dobrovidov, A. V.
Can Belarusian Universities Benefit from Economies of Scale? Gedranovich, A.
Classification of Autoregressive Time Series under “Outliers” Pirshtuk, I. K.
Complexity Metrics and Exploratory Analysis of DNA Sequences Rekasius, T.
“Compression” of the Multivariate Probability Mixtures with Keeping the Interclass Distances Zhuk, E. E.; Serikova, E. V.
Computer-Based Data Analysis in Dose-Response Dependence Yarochuk, M. V.
Computer Data Analysis in Modeling and Optimization of Manufacturing Process Control System Yakimov, A. I.; Alkhovik, S. A.
Data Analysis Using R and a Graphical Interface Dutter, R.
Design of the Medical Laboratory Information System Mozheyko, D. L.; Ablameyko, S. V.
Econometric Modeling of the Main Indicators of Inflation in the Republic of Belarus Kartun, A.
Estimating Binomial Denominators Friedl, H.; Neubauer, G.
Estimation of the Finite Population Covariance Plikusas, A.; Pumputis, D.
Estimation of the Shape Parameter of the Gamma Distribution Zaihraiev, O.; Podraza-Karakulska, A.
Evaluation of Forecasting Algorithms for Multivariate Econometric Models with Structural Breaks in the Forecasting Period Boyar, A. V.; Malugin, V. I.
Evaluation of the Maximum Admissible Forecast Horizon of a Simple Bilinear Process Charemza, W. W.; Kharin, Yu. S.
Exact D-optimal Designs of Experiments for Linear Multiple Model with Heteroscedastical Observations Kirlitsa, V. P.
Expected Error Rate in Classification of the Gaussian Random Field Observation Ducinskas, K.
Exploring High-Dimensional Data with Robust Principal Components Filzmoser, P.; Fritz, H.
Fuzzy Data and Statistical Modeling Viertl, R.
Fuzzy Evaluation of the Risk of Investment in Securities in the Portfolio Optimization Problem Siniavskaya, O. A.; Zhelezko, B. A.
Generation of Small Enterprises’ Multivariate Sample Aggregates Bokun, N. Ch.
Goodness-of-Fit Test in a Structural Errors-in-Variables Model Based on the Quasi-Likelihood Estimator Kukush, A. G.; Malenko, A. L.
Hampel’s LMS in the Analysis of Online Monitoring Data Gather, U.
Inter-Country Econometric Model of the Economies of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine Charemza, W.; Kharin, Yu.; Makarova, S.; Malugin, V.; Majkowska, V.; Raskina, Yu.; Vymyatnina, Yu.; Huryn, A.
Interrelation of Demographic and Economic Processes in the System of Statistical Indicators Kuzmich, A. N.
Investigation of Idle Time Model in Computer Networks Minkevicius, S.; Kulvietis, G.
Limiting Distribution of the Variogram Estimator Tsekhavaya, T. V.; Troush, N. N.
Maximization of the Power of Hypotheses Testing for the s-th Order Markov Chains by Empirical Characteristic Functions Poliukh, A. S.; Kharin, Yu. S.
Method of the Cyclic Decomposition for Revealing the Latent Periodicity in Numerical Rows Korotkov, E. V.; Rudenko, V. M.; Turutina, V. P.
Mixture Decomposition of Censored Pareto-II Density with Normal One by EM-Algorithm Stepanov, V. S.
Model Testing for High-Dimensional Contingency Tables with Application in Genetics Radavicius, M.; Zidanaviciute, J.
Modeling of Ecologically Equalized Gross Domestic Product Based on Modified Intersectoral Balance Soshnikava, L. A.
Modelling and Analysis of the Belarusian Interbank Market’s Rate Miksjuk, A.
Nadaraya-Watson Density Estimation for Interval Censored Data Stoimenova, E.
Nonlinear Filtering of Time Series Using the Wavelet Transform Lobach, V. I.
On Approach to Randomness Testing on the base of the Universal Predictors Kostevich, A. L.; Shilkin, A. V.
On Approximation of Error Measure in Kernel Density Estimation under Dependence Krasnogir, E.
On Controlled Branching Processes with Immigration Khusanbaev, Ya. M.
On Data Analysis and Modeling in Imaging Systems Porat, M.
On Evaluation of Conditional Expectations of Some Class Random Functionals Egorov, A. D.
On Evaluation of Statistical Regularities in Seismic Data Nedel’ko, V. M.; Stupina, T. A.
On Generalizations of Inequalities of Chernoff-type Formanov, Sh. K.; Sharipova, L. D.; Formanova, T. A.
On Groups Generated by SA-Permutations Maslov, A. S.
On Inductive Construction of the Prospector–Like Knowledge Bases Chistiakov, S. P.
On Power–Law Random Graphs and Branching Processes Pavlov, Yu. L.
On Statistical Analysis of Markov Chains under Missing Values Yarmola, A. N.; Kharin, Yu. S.
On Statistical Classification of Scientific Texts Rudzkis, R.; Balys, V.
On the Connection Between the Maximal Coefficients of the Fourier and Walsh–Hadamard Transforms Agievich, S. V.
On the Key Factors of Socio-Economic Policy and Institutional Development Aivazian, S.
On the Modelling of Stagnation Intervals in Emerging Stock Markets Belov, I.; Kabasinskas, A.; Sakalauskas, L.
On the Parameter Estimation of Recursive “Bow-Free” Models with Latent Variables Stafeev, S. V.
On the Total Queue Length in Multiphase Queues Minkevicius, S.
Prediction of Extreme Events Based on Heterogeneous Multidimensional Time Series and Statements of Experts Lbov, G. S.; Gerasimov, M. K.; Tretyakova, M. G.
Production Institutional Functions in Analysis of Fiscal Policy of the Republic of Belarus Shynkevich, N.
Random Integral Equations and Equations with Variational Derivatives Associated with Them Romanovski, I. V.; Yanovich, L. A.
Research of the Averaged Estimation of Mixed Moment of Third Order and Its Use in Cardioligical Data Analysis Markovskaya, N. V.; Sniazhytskaya, T. N.
Robust 2LS-Estimator for Nonlinear SEM-Model Staleuskaya, S.
Robust Bayesian Multivariate Forecasting under Distortions of Prior Densities in the Chi-Square Metric Shlyk, P. A.; Kharin, A. Yu.
Robust ICA Based on Two Scatter Matrices Nordhausen, K.; Oja, H.; Ollila, E.
Robust Shift Detection in Autoregressive Processes Fried, R.
Robustness of Autoregressive Forecasting Under Bilinear Distortions Kharin, Yu.S.; Radzieuskaya, O. N.
Robustness of Sequential Testing of Parametric Hypotheses Kharin, A.
Robustness of Two-Level Testing Procedures under Distortions of First Level Statistics Kostevich, A. L.; Nikitina, I. S.
Semantic Network in Signal Processing and Identification Theory Barabanov, A. E.
Setting the Metrics and Measure of Refutability on Predicate Formulas as Statements in Some Theory Vikent’ev, A. A.
Simulation and Analytical Models for the Analysis of In Vitro Actin Polymerization Golovaty, A. A.; Nazarov, P. V.; Yatskou, M. M.; Apanasovich, V. V.; Friederich, E.
Some Model-Based Estimator for a Finite Population Total Krapavickaite, D.
Some Properties of Absolute Order p of α-Stable Random Variables Troush, N. N.; Son, L. H.
Spectral Analysis of Markov Chains Dynovskaya, E. S.; Orlova, E. N.
Statistical Analysis of the Chair’s Effectiveness Evaluation Khatskevich, G. A.; Zmeeva, Y. V.
Statistical Analysis of the Spectral Density Estimate Obtained via Coifman Scaling Function Semenchuk, N. V.
Statistical Diagnostics of Metastatic Involvement of Regional Lymph Nodes Abramovich, M. S.; Kharin, A. Yu.; Kapusta, A. M.; Belyakova, N. I.
Teaching Survey Sampling at University of Tartu Lepik, N.
Technique of Statistical Territorial Analysis Yermalitskaya, A. V.
Testing in Nonparametric Accelerated Life Time Models Liero, H.
Testing of Independency for High-Dimensional Data Radavicius, M.; Jakimauskas, G.; Susinskas, J.
Testing That Some GARCH Coefficients are Equal to Zero Francq, C.; Zakoian, J. M.
The Increment Ratio Test for Long Memory Surgailis, D.; Teyssiere, G.; Vaiciulis, M.
The Investigation of Estimates of Characteristics of Random Process with Non-Regular Observations Varatnitskaya, T. I.
Tools of an Information Database Creation on a Simulation Experiment Performance by MICIC4 Engine Liauchuk, V. D.; Liauchuk, A. A.; Starchanka, U. U.; Chechat, P. L.; Maslovich, S. F.; Pomaz, A. S.
Two Moments of Szekely–Mori Asymmetry Criterion Statistics for Some Classes of Hypotheses Menshenin, D. O.; Zubkov, A. M.
Use of Simultaneous Equations Systems in Inflation Processes Modeling Sakovich, N. K.
Variable Selection in Longitudinal and Additive Models Ronchet, E.
Wavelet-Based Jump Detection in Time Series with Heavy-Tailed Noise Abramovich, M. S.; Mitskevich, M. M.
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