XI Международная научная конференция “Компьютерный анализ данных и моделирование” (КАДМ’2016) (“Computer Data Analysis and Modeling”– CDAM’2016)

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning. Mivar Technologies Varlamov, O. O.; Danilkin, I. A.
Fractal Dimension as a Characteristic of Biological Cell AFM Images Starodubtsev, I. E.
Bioinformatics Analysis of M.TUBERCULOSIS Whole-Genome Sequences Sergeev, R. S.; Kavaliou, I. S.; Tuzikov, A. V.; Sprindzuk, M. V.
Computer Analysis of Essential Hypertension Risk on the Base of Genetic and Environmental Factors Pavlova, O. S.; Malugin, V. I.; Ogurtsova, S. E.; Novopoltsev, A. Yu.; Byk, I. S.; Gorbat, T. V.; Liventseva, M. M.; Mrochek, A. G.
On the Inequality in Open Multiserver Queueing Networks Minkevicius, S.; Greicius, E.
Analysis and Application of G-network with Incomes and Random Waiting Time of Negative Customers Matalytski, M.; Naumenko, V.; Kopats, D.
On Some Aspects in Acquisition of Brain Electrical Activity Kolchin, A. V.; Ionkina, H. G.
Unreliable Queueing System with Backup Server Klimenok, V. I.
Development of the Master Program on Applied Computer Data Analysis within the Tempus Project “Applied Computing in Engineering and Science” Kharin, A.; Filzmoser, P.; Gabko, P.
On Mode Jumping in MCMC for Bayesian Variable Selection within GLMM Hubin, A. A.; Storvik, G. O.
Multivariate Analysis for Image Recognition System to Assess the Quality of the Mineral Species Baklanova, O.; Baklanov, A.; Shvets, O.
Modeling Competitive Advantage of Territories Visotski, S.
Methodological Approaches to the Reflection of Environmental Assets in SEEA and NAMEA Soshnikova, L. A.
The Statistical Validity of the Increase in Retirement Age in the Republic of Belarus Sharilova, Y.; Kulak, A.
The Relevant Leading Indicator of Macroeconomic Dynamics Novikov, M. M.
Application of Method Lags Model for the Analysis of the Impact Ecology on Health Matkovskaya, O.
Statistical Assessment of Gender Issues in Social and Labor Sphere Kulak, A.; Sharilova, Y.
The R&D Intensity Factors of GDP Kolesnikova, I.
Micro-Entities and Small Enterprises Surveys in Belarus Bokun, N.
Technique of Calculating the Gender and Age Scales of Real Consumer Expenditure Agabekova, N.
Calculation of European Options with Absolute Criteria Zuev, N. M.
Automated Report on the Business Plan of the Investment Project Zmitrovich, A. I.; Krivko-Krasko, A. V.; Lysenko, T. V.
Multivariate Linear Regression with Heterogeneous Structure and Asymmetric Distributions of Errors Novopoltsev, A. Yu.
Modeling of Regional Socio-Economic Development of Belarus Navitskaya, K.; Zhalezka, B.
Minimum Distance from Point to Linear Variety in Euclidean Space of the Two-Dimensional Matrices Mukha, V. S.
On the Probability Distribution Processes Some Models of Interest Rates Medvedev, G. A.
Statistical Estimation and Testing of Turning Points in Multivariate Regime-Switching Models Malugin, V. I.; Novopoltsev, A. Yu.
Modeling the Regions of Belarus Competitiveness Based on Panel Data Lialikova, V. I.; Khatskevich, G. A.
Some Approaches to Classification of Subjects of Foreign Economic Activity by Risk Level Lappo, P. M.; Yakushava, T. A.
Exact D-optimal Designs Experiments for Linear Model with Heteroscedastic Observations Kirlitsa, V. P.
On Coincidences of Tuples in a Binary Tree with Randomly Labeled Vertices Zubkov, A. M.; Kruglov, V. I.
Steganographic Capacity of Locally Uniform Markov Covers Voloshko, V.
Hoeffding Type Inequalities for Likelihood Ratio Test Statistic Radavicius, M.
On Random Graphs in Random Environment Pavlov, Yu. L.
Asymptotic Properties of Binary Sequences Obtained by the Neumann Transform Menshenin, D. O.
On Robustness of Configuration Graphs with Random Node Degree Distribution Leri, M. M.
On One Generalization of Markov Chain with Partial Connections Kharin, Yu. S.; Maltsew, M. V.
Modeling Unbiased Estimators with Good Asymptotic Properties for the Sum of Multivariate Discrete Independent Random Variables Iskakova, A. S.
Modern Empirical Likelihood Concepts Gurevich, G.; Vexler, A.; Zhao, Y.
Some Remarks on the Noncentral Pearson Statistics Distributions Filina, M. V.; Zubkov, A. M.
On the Limit Distribution of the Maximum Vertex Degree in a Conditional Configuration Graph Cheplyukova, I. A.
Guaranteed Change Point Detection of Linear Autoregressive Processes with Unknown Noise Variance Vorobeychikov, S. E.; Burkatovskaya, Y. B.
An Improved k-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm for the Analysis of Two-Color DNA Microarray Data with Spot Quality Factors Svidrytski, A.; Yatskou, M.; Apanasovich, V.
Statistical Inference for Random Fields in the Spectral Domain Based on Tapered Data Sakhno, L. M.
Consistent Estimators of Drift Parameter in Stochastic Differential Equations Driven by Fractional Brownian Motion Ralchenko, K. V.
Statistical Analysis of Markov Chains with the Periodically Changed Transition Probability Matrices Orlova, E. N.
Significance Level Analysis for Adaptive Algorithm of Stationary Poisson Stream Processing Nikitsionak, V. I.; Bachar, A. M.
Evaluation of Expectation of a Class of Poisson Functionals Egorov, A. D.
Expected Error Rates in Classification of Gaussian CAR Observations Ducinskas, K.; Dreiziene, L.
Asymptotic Optimality of the Chi-Square Test in the Class of Permutation-Invariant Tests Chibisov, D. M.
Analysis of Self-Similarity Property of α-stable Processes Baranovskiy, A. G.; Troush, N. N.
On Parameter Estimation of Stationary Gaussian Time Series Observed Under Right Censoring Badziahin, I. A.
Forecasting of Regression Model Under Classification of the Dependent Variable Ageeva, H.
Assignment of Arbitrarily Distributed Random Samples to the Fixed Probability Distribution and its Risk Zhuk, E. E.; Dus, D. D.
A Pairwise Log-Ratio Method for the Identification of Biomarkers Walach, J.; Filzmoser, P.; Hron, K.; Walczak, B.
On Approximation of the Qn-estimate of Scale by Highly Robust and Efficient M-estimates Smirnov, P. O.; Shirokov, I. S.; Shevlyakov, G. L.
On the Sequential Chi-Square Test Savelov, M. P.
Forward Projection for High-Dimensional Data Ortner, T.; Filzmoser, P.; Brodinova, S.; Zaharieva, M.; Breiteneder, C.
Lee Distance in Two-Sample Rank Tests Nikolov, N. I.
Evaluation of Sequential Test Characteristics for Time Series with a Trend Kharin, A.; Ton, T. T.
Robust and Sparse Multiclass Classification by the Optimal Scoring Approach Hoffmann, I.; Filzmoser, P.; Croux, C.
On Stochastic Perturbation Method for Estimation of High Dimensional Matrix Hoang, H. S.; Baraille, R.
Error Probabilities in Sequential Testing of Simple Hypotheses for Dependent Observations Chernov, S. Y.
Group Detection in the Context of Imbalanced Data Brodinova, S.; Zaharieva, M.; Filzmoser, P.; Ortner, T.; Breiteneder, C.
Estimation of Two-Dimensional Survival Function by Random Right Censored Data Abdushukurov, A. A.; Muradov, R. S.
Optimal Choice of Order Statistics Under Confidence Region Estimation in Case of Large Samples Zaigrajew, A.; Alama-Bucko, M.
Data Depth and its Applications in Classification Vencalek, O.
Comparison of Partially Ranked Lists Stoimenova, E.
Automated Classification of Arteries and Veins in the Retinal Blood Vasculature Stabingis, G.; Bernataviciene, J.; Dzemyda, G.; Imbrasiene, D.; Paunksnis, A.
Performance Study of Linfoot’s Informational Correlation Coefficient and its Modification Shevlyakov, G. L.; Vasilevskiy, N. V.
Two-Sided Inequalities for the Average Number of Elements in the Union of Images of Finite Set Under Iterations of Random Equiprobable Mappings Serov, A. A.; Zubkov, A. M.
Some Fractional Extensions of the Poisson Process Orsingher, E.
Extracting Information from Interval Data Using Symbolic Principal Component Analysis Oliveira, M. R.; Vilela, M.; Pacheco, A.; Valadas, R.; Salvador, P.
Robust Estimation Approach for Hazardous Concentration Levels Using Species Sensitivity Distribution Monti, G. S.; Filzmoser, P.; Deutsch, R.
Mixed Power Variations with Statistical Applications Mishura, Yu. S.
ICA and Stochastic Volatility Models Matilainen, M.; Miettinen, J.; Nordhausen, K.; Oja, H.; Taskinen, S.
Statistical Analysis of Discrete Spatio-Temporal Data by Conditional Autoregressive Models Kharin, Yu. S.; Zhurak, M.
Implementation of the Poisson-Gaussian Regression Model in Empirical Bayes Estimation of Small Probabilities Jakimauskas, G.; Sakalauskas, L.
Binary and Count Time Series Analysis Fokianos, K.
The Spatial Sign Covariance Matrix and its Application for Robust Correlation Estimation Durre, A.; Fried, R.; Vogel, D.
A Rank-Sum Test for Clustered Data When the Number of Subjects in a Group within a Cluster is Informative Datta, Somnath; Dutta, Sandipan
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