On the Smart Trees and Competence Areas Based Decision Forest Donskoy, V. I.
The Method of Allotment of Competence Areas for Private Classifiers Dorogov, A. Yu.
Ensembles of Neural Network for Telemetry Multivariate Time Series Forecasting Doudkin, A.; Marushko, Y.
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV): back to base without satellite navigation Blazhko, V.; Kalinovsky, A.; Kovalev, V.
Identify Diabetic Retinopathy by Color Textures Holly Vo; Abhishek Verma
A Model for Medical Diagnostic Laboratory Traditional and Multimedia Medical Database Approach Dao Van Tuyet; Ablameyko, S.
Algorithms Synthesis of the Adaptive Logical Network on Basis of Universal Logical Elements Opanasenko, V.; Kryvyi, S.
Hyperspectral Data Compression Framework for Earth Remote Sensing Objectives Podenok, L.; Pertsev, D.
Application of Fuzzy Decision Trees in Construction of Mathematical Model for Reliability Analysis based on Uncertain Data Zaitseva, E.; Levashenko, V.
Multiresolution Statistical Analysis of DNA Voloshko, V. A.; Medved, E. A.; Kharin, Yu. S.
Interpolating rational Bezier spline surfaces with local shape control Pobegailo, A. P.
Artifacts: False Contours Detection and Smoothing Zakharoff, A.
Development of Machine Vision-based System for Iron Ore Grade Prediction using Gaussian Process Regression (GPR) Ashok Kumar Patel; Amit Kumar Gorai; Snehamoy Chatterjee
Mivar technologies in knowledge representation and reasoning Varlamov, O. O.; Danilkin, I. A.; Shoshev, I. A.
High Dynamic Range SAR Image Compression for Visualization Starovoitov, V.
Decision Support Systems and Plant Phenomics Valvachev, A. N.; Krasnoproshin, V. V.; Mikhalchenko, A. A.
Research of Recognition of the Imposed Flat Objects on Dimensionless Marks of their Contours Sadykov, S. S.; Kulkov, Y. Yu.
The Algorithm for Monitoring of Evolution of Stem Cells Nedzvedz, O.; Ablameyko, S.; Belotserkovsky, A.
Reduction of the Spectral Feature Space Dimension in the Multiclass Problem of ECG-signals Recognition Manilo, L.; Nemirko, A.
Recognition Algorithms Based on the Cluster Structures Krasnoproshin, V. V.; Rodchenko, V. G.
Reduction of Feature Space Dimension Based on Separability Criterion Nemirko, A.
Generalized Gradient: Basic Principles and Example Application Kovalev, V.; Snezhko, E.; Kharuzhyk, S.; Liauchuk, V.
Superpixel Co-Occurrence for Quantitative Description of Biomedical Images Liauchuk, V.; Kovalev, V.
Efficient organization of rendering process on graphics pipeline Krasnoproshin, V.; Mazouka, D.
Classification and Prediction of the Gaming Activity States in Online- Games Based on the Regime Switching Models Malugin, V.; Babakhin, Y.
Novel Approach for Medical Diagnostics: Models, Technology and Systems Krasnoproshin, V.; Obraztsov, V.; Shut, O.
Sensorical aspect of the temporal data architecture -- pointer layer Kvet, M.; Matiasko, K.
Semi-supervised clustering with active constraint selection Novoselova, N. A.; Tom, I. E.
Training algorithm for speaker-independent voice recognition systems using HTK Nikalaenka, K.; Hetsevich, Y.
Deep Learning with Theano, Torch, Caffe, Tensorflow, and Deeplearning4J: Which One is the Best in Speed and Accuracy? Kovalev, V.; Kalinovsky, A.; Kovalev, S.
Fuzzy Knowledge Based System for Planning and Optimization of Tanker-Refueler Routes Kondratenko, G. V.; Kondratenko, N. Y.; Kondratenko, Y. P.
Reversible Image Merging for Low-level Machine Vision Kharinov, M.
Lung Image Segmentation Using Deep Learning Methods and Convolutional Neural Networks Kalinovsky, A.; Kovalev, V.
Vascular structures extraction by background normalization Hancharou, D.; Nedzved, A.; Ablameyko, S.
Deep Neural Networks: A theory, application and new trends Golovko, V.
Neural Networks and Largest Lyapunov Exponent for Automatic Epileptic Seizure Detection in EEGs Golovko, V.; Artsiomenka, S.; Kistsen, V.; Evstigneev, V.
Decision Support System Based on High Level Architecture Karkanitsa, A.
A Simple Shallow Convolutional Neural Network for Accurate Handwritten Digit Classification Golovko, V.; Mikhno, E.; Brichk, A.
Methods to Reduce Network Load when Transmitting Computer Images in Real Time Ivanov, A.; Assanovich, B.; Aleksyuk, D.
Product Stock Management: "Calculating stock provision with Triangular Fuzzy Numbers" Adriana Santos Caballero; Jaime Gil-Lafuente; Maria Luisa Sole Moro
Security Framework for Distributed Data Processinge Galibus, T.; Julio C.S. dos Anjos; Edison Pignaton de Freitas; Claudio F. Resin Geyer; Gilles Fedak; Rafael Tim oteo de Sousa Jr.; Joao Paulo C. L. Costa; Rubem Pereira; Paul Fergus; Zaleski, A.; Herman Vissia; Volker Markl
Watermarking Pattern Recognition in Channels with Substitution and Bursty Insertion and Deletion Errors Assanovich, B.; Vicenc Almenar Terre; Felipe L. Penaranda-Foixces
Semantic-Based Approach to Web Information Processing. Bobkov, A.; Gafurov, S.; Krasnoproshin, V.; Vissia, H.
Algorithm of Preparation of Training Sample Using 3d-Modelling of Faces Frolov, I.; Samal, D.
Image stitching algorithm for description of integrated circuit layouts Avakaw, S.; Doudkin, A.; Marushko, Ya.; Voronov, A.
Multi-agent control framework for multi-wheeled mobile platforms Dziomin, V.; Golovko, V.; Stetter, R.
Dynamic clustering for skin detection in YCbCr colour space Brancati, N.; Frucci, M.; G. De Pietro; Gallo, L.
Classless Logical Regularities and Outliers Detection Dokukin, A.
A Noise Removal in Color Images Thanh N.H. Dang; Dvoenko, S. D.
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