2009. Труды 10-й Международной Конференции "Распознавание образов и обработка информации"

On the Computational Accuracy of the Heuristic Method of Possibilistic Clustering Damaratski, A.; Novikau, D.
Image Restoration Spectral Techniques Milukova, O.; Kober, V.; Ovseevich, I. A.
Texture Indexes and Gray Level Size Zone Matrix Application to Cell Nuclei Classification Thibault, G.; Fertil, B.; Navarro, C.; Pereira, S.; Cau, P.; Levy, N.; Sequeira, J.; Mari, J. J.
Recognizing Linguistic Models as a Component of Base Linguistic Resources of Natural Language Rubashko, N.
To Question of Construction Failure-Safe Digital System On Programmable Logic Integrated Circuits Korotaev, N. A.; Vysocki, M. M.
Effective Approach to the Computer Models Visualization Problem Mazouka, D.
An Ontology-Based Approach to Opinion Mining Bilan, V.; Bobkov, A.; Gafurov, S.; Krasnoproshin, V.; van de Laarin, J.; Vissia, H.
Decision Making System for Operative Tasks Shakah, G.; Krasnoproshin, V. V.; Valvachev, A. N.
Operational Management of Distributed Socio-Economic Systems Krasnoproshin, V. V.; Maksimovich, E. P.; Valvachev, A. N.
A Flexible Medical Image Archiving and Reporting System Hlindzich, D.; Krasnopevtsev, P.; Poerner, T.; Kryvanos, A.
Electroencephalogram Analysis Based on Artificial Neural Network and Adaptive Segmentation Laurentsyeva, S.; Golovko, V.; Evstigneev, V.
Multi-Agent Systems for E-Commerce Solodukha, T. V.; Sosnovskiy, O. A.; Zhelezko, B. A.
Special areas detection using fractal and textural characteristics of high resolution images Doudkin, A.; Ganchenko, V.; Petrovsky, A.; Sobkowiak, B.
Dynamic Reliability Indices in Reliability Analysis of Multi-State System Zaitseva, E.; Puuronen, S.
Towards Generalization of Image Anisotropy Analysis Kovalev, V. A.
Automated Extraction of Data for Construction of Parkinson's Disease Experimental Model Gurevich, I.; Koryabkina, I.; Kozina, E.; Myagkov, A.; Niemann, H.; Ugrumov, M.; Yashina, V.
Image Representations in Image Analysis Gurevich, I.; Yashina, V.
Image processing in problems of mosaic images restoration Plekhanov, N. S.
Reverse handwriting: from ink to word Marcelli, A.
Adaptive Analysis of Experts’ Statements in Pattern Recognition Lbov, G. S.; Gerasimov, M. K.
Error Probabilities Evaluation for Sequential Testing of Simple Hypotheses on Data from Continuous Distributions Kharin, A.; Chernov, S.
On robust forecasting of autoregressive time series under censoring Kharin, Y.; Badziahin, I.
Collective behavior in multiagent systems based on Reinforcement Learning Kabysh, A. S.; Golovko, V. A.
The Concepts of Intellectual Adaptive Educational Hypermedia System Zmitrovich, A. I.; Krivko-Krasko, A. V.; Krino, L. A.
Image Processing for Morphological Investigation of the Carcinome Thyroid Gland: Modern Facilities Nedzved, A.; Fridman, M.; Belotserkovsky, A.
Structure Shape Description Approach for Magnification Images Nedzved, A.; Tsimashchuk, V.; Ablameyko, S.; Dobrogowski, W.; Maziewski, A.; Tekielak, M.
Corporate Financial Decision Making Support System Zmitrovich, A. I.; Zuevskiy, A. G.
Mutation Analysis of HIV-1 Primary Protein Sequences Sergeev, R. S.; Tuzikov, A. V.; Eremin, V. F.
WOLA Filter Bank Design Requirements in Hearing Aids Rosa-Zurera, M.; Gil-Pita, R.; Alexandre-Cortizo, E.; Utrilla-Manso, M.; Cuadra-Rodriguez, L.
Recurrent Internal Symmetry Networks by Backpropagation in Wallpaper Image Segmentation Guanzhong, Li
FPGA Implementation of Short Critical Path CORDIC-Based Approximation of the Eight-Point DCT Vashkevich, M.; Parfieniuk, M.; Petrovskyk, A.
Interpolation of rectangular grids using deformation of curves Pobegailo, A. P.
Pseudo-distance map transformation for interactive object tracing Nedzved, A.; Bucha, V.; Ablameyko, S.
Text and speaker independent voice conversion Azarov, E.; Petrovsky, A.
Adaptive design of experiment for classification tree construction Berikov, V.; Lbov, G.
Reconstruction of 3D Shape of Medical Object by 2D Cross-Sections Nedzved, A.; Lukashevich, P.; Ablameyko, S.; Deserno, T. M.; Lehmann, N.
Supervised classification of the observation of spatial Gaussian process with known covariance function Ducinskas, K.
Vessel-based non-linear registration of MR/CT images for monitoring of a patient Ivanov, N.; Marchenko, E.
Multiagent Intrusion Detection Based on Neural Network Detectors and Artificial Immune System Vaitsekhovich, L.; Golovko, V.; Rubanau, V.
Recognition of the Best Setting for the Target Value of an Industrial Process under Parametric Uncertainty Nechval, K. N.; Nechval, N. A.; Purgailis, M.; Rozevskis, U.; Strelchonok, V.; Moldovan, M.; Bausova, I.; Skiltere, D.
Recognition of Subsets of Informative Variables in Regression Nechval, N. A.; Nechval, K. N.; Purgailis, M.; Rozevskis, U.; Strelchonok, V.; Moldovan, M.; Bausova, I.; Skiltere, D.
Combined approach for face frontal view estimation for video surveillance purposes Sadykhov, R.; Lamovsky, D.; Kharlanov, V.; Kirienko, A.
A Method for 3D Image Retrieval Kovalev, V. A.
Decision Making And Optimisation Of Transport Operations With Real Time Freight-Flow Cоrrection Kondratenko, Y. P.; Korobko, O. V.; Kondratenko, V. Y.
Objects detection and identification based on an adaptive vector model of their boundary representation Fedulov, Y. N.; Kuleshov, A. Y.
Experimental Face Identification System Based on Support Vector Machines Frolov, I.; Sadykhov, R.
Diagnosis of Brain Diseases Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Artificial Neural Networks Erdogan, E.; Karlik, B.
Mobile web-based technology for medical image retrieval Dmitruk, A. A.; Kovalev, V. A.
Correction of experimental distortions in analysis of fluorescence intensity decays by the phase plane method Digris, A. V.; Abramchuk, V. N.; Apanasovich, V. V.; Novikov, E. G.
Description of Textures in Problems of Image Segmentation Basing on the Syntactic Approach Yarmolik, A.; Bartashevich, Y.; Prytkov, V.
Mathematical methods in content-services consumption estimation as a part of Decision Support System Delendik, Elena
Using Java to prototype a H.264/AVC decoder Parfieniuk, M.; Petrovsky, A.; Petrovsky, A.
Voice Conversion Using LSF Modification Algorithm in Harmonic and Noise Speech Model of Acoustical Processor in Embedded TTS Sawicki, A.
A Fuzzy Clustering Problem Under Outliers In Data Set Sadovskaya, K.
Method of fuzzy clustering with genetic algorithm Novoselova, N. A.; Tom, I. E.
Microwave Image Reconstruction with Two-Antenna Aperture Synthesis and Spatial Antennas Separation Semenchik, V.; Pahomov, V.
A Knowledge-base Framework for Analysis of Facial Expressions Using FACS and MPEG-4 Standards Renan Contreras, G.; Starostenko, O.; Alarcon-Aquino, Vicente; Flores-Pulido, Leticia
Photon Counts Simulation in Fluorescence Fluctuation Spectroscopy Shingaryov, I. P.; Skakun, V. V.; Apanasovich, V. V.
Robot SRSlipuso Sklipuso, D.
Multi-Agent Systems for E-Commerce Solodukha, T. V.; Sosnovskiy, O. A.; Zhelezko, B. A.
Speech Segmentation to Phonemes Based on Hybrid Hidden Markov Models Jingbin, Yan; Shi, Wu; Tkachenia, A. V.; Kheidorov, I. E.
Preprocessing of microscopy images via Shannon's entropy Urban, J.; Vanek, J.; Stys, D.
Mouse Brain Slice Segmentation for Analysis of Physiological Activity Nedzved, A.; Osokin, A.; Belotserkovsky, A.; Vetrov, D.; Kropotov, D.; Zhuravlev, Yu.
Joint Cooperation Between Humans and Cognitive Systems for Complex Task Solving Rigoll, G.; Wallhoffm, F.
3D Reconstruction of Mouse Brain from Allen Brain Atlas Osokin, A.; Vetrov, D.; Kropotov, D.
Making Image Segmentation Fully Automatic by Case-Based-Reasoning Frucci, M.; Perner, P.; Sanniti di Baja, G.
Survival Analysis and Forecasting Methods Based on Ensembles of Regularities Dedovets, M. S.; Senko, O. V.
Fast Realization of Digital Elevation Model Descombes, X.; Kravchonok, A. I.; Lukashevich, P. V.; Zalesky, B. A.
Segmentation and Visualization of 3D Medical Images through Haptic Rendering Nystrom, I.; Malmberg, F.; Vidholm, E.; Bengtsson, E.
Image Restoration Spectral Techniques Milukova, O.; Kober, V.; Ovseevich, I. A.
Pattern Recognition Technique Based on Voting by Systems of Regularities Senko, O. V.; Kuznetsova, A. V.
Extraction of Vertebrae from CT Images Zalesky, B. A.; Lukashevich, P. V.; Rutskaya, E. A.
Adaptive Filtration of Multispectral Images Pradun, D. V.; Zalesky, B. A.; Kravtsov, A. A.
On Maximal Balls in Three Volume Grids Borgefors, G.; Strand, R.
H.264/AVC Decoder Prototype Using a Platform Based SoC Design Methodology Stankevich, A.; Petrovsky, A.; Kachinsky, M.; Parfieniuk, M.; Petrovsky, A.
A New Gaussian Clustering Method for High Dimensional Classification Problems Wu, Dijia; Boyer, K. L.
A network diagnostics method based on pattern recognition algorithms Olizarovich, E. V.; Rodchenko, V. G.
Outlines for a New Approach to Generating Fuzzy Classification Rules through Clustering Techniques Viattchenin, D. A.
Adaptation Algorithms And Distance On Experts’ Propositions In Multi-Valued Logics Vikentiev, A. A.; Vikentiev, R. A.
Decomposition of orthogonal polygons in a set of rectanglеs Shestakov, E.; Voronov, A.
A Bounding box Gabor filter-based Minutiae extraction scheme for fingerprint Recognition system Sureshreddy, Y. N.; Jasminfeminapriyadarshini, M. M.
Simulation of the open message switching system Minkevicius, S.; Kulvietis, G.
Investigation of the law of the iterated logarithm for extreme queue length in multiphase queues Minkevicius, S.
Registration of the Spectral Phyto-Indicative Anomaly over Oil and Gas Fields Stankevich, S. A.; Arkhipov, A. I.; Titarenko, O. V.
Moving Objects Detection and Tracking in Video Stream Based On Minimax Similarity Function Bogush, R.; Brovkou, N.
Coordination of SLAM and Artificial Landmark Recognition using 2D/3D Sensors for Mobile Robot Vision Joochim, C.; Netramai, C.; Roth, H.
An Algorithm for Real-Time Facial Landmark Detection Based on Circular Gabor Filters Makarau, A. A.; Starovoitov, V. V.
Designing a New Adaptive Filter for Iris Feature Extraction Ranjzad, H.
First–Passage Time Moment Approximation For The Wright–Fisher Diffusion Process With Absorbing Barriers Al-Eideh, Basel M.
Multispectral Imagery Fusion for Future Belarusian and Ukrainian Remote Sensing Satellites Popov, M. A.; Starovoitov, V. V.; Stankevich, S. A.; Monich, Y.
The methods of modeling and structure estimation building for KNN classifiers on the basis of small training sets Tayanov, V.
Human visual system model for Earth observation system’s informative parameters estimation Ivanov, A.; Kotov, M.
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