2019. Computer Data Analysis and Modeling : Stochastics and Data Science

A random graph generation model for transcription networks and nonparametric simulator for RNA-seq expression data Grimes, T.; Datta, S.
Regenerative simulation of time-sharing queueing system in random environment Zorine, A. V.
Implementation of generalized additive models for spatial beta regression Zikariene, E.; Ducinskas, K.
Number of pairs of identically marked templates in q-ary tree Zubkov, A. M.; Kruglov, V. I.
Discrete-valued time series analysis by parsimonious high-order Markov chains Kharin, Yu. S.
Multiclass support vector machines with GenSVM Groenen, P. J. F.; van den Burg, G. J. J.
Formula for European options costs calculation Zuev, N. M.
Internally homogeneous random fields analysis Tsekhavaya, T. V.; Troush, N. N.
Meteorological data influence on missing vessel type detection using deep multi-stacked LSTM neural network Venskus, J.; Treigys, P.
Non-asymptotic confidence estimation of the autoregressive parameter in AR(1) process with an unknown noise variance Vorobeychikov, S. E.; Burkatovskaya, Yu. B.
On some upper bounds for noncentral chi-square cdf Voloshko, V. A.; Vecherko, E. V.
A generalized probabilistic model of computer proof of the Artin hypothesis Vostrov, G.; Opiata, R.
Stochastic analysis of the smooth number properties and their search Vostrov, G.; Ponomarenko, O.
Empirical likelihood confidence intervals for censored integrals Zakhidov, D. G.; Iskandarov, D. Kh.
Principle components method in statistical classification and its efficiency Zhuk, E. E.
Some formulas of operator interpolation on the set of random processes Yanovich, L. A.; Ignatenko, M. V.
A set of asymptotically independent statistics of polynomial frequencies containing the Pearson statistic Savelov, M. P.
Use of variability of the heart rhythm for predicting the success of the operator’s work when using human-machine interfaces Podolskiy, V. A.; Turovskiy, Ya. A.; Alekseev, A. V.; Mikhalskii, A. I.
Testing the NIST Statistical Test Suite on artificial pseudorandom sequences Serov, A. A.; Zubkov, A. M.
Problems of the formation of the system of environmental-economic accounting Poleshchuk, E. A.
Adaptive methods for forecasting currency courses Soshnikova, L. A.
Conformal predictors for reliable pattern recognition Gammerman, A.
Structural distribution estimation Radavicius, M.
Statistical classification of the states of biological cells treated with carbon nanotubes based on AFM-images of cell surface Starodubtsev, I. E.; Kharin, Yu. S.; Starodubtseva, M. N.
Drift parameter estimation in Gaussian regression model by continuous and discrete observations Ralchenko, K.
Using credit history data to monitor financial stability of the Belarusian economy Novopoltsev, A. Yu.
Fluid limits for the waiting time of a customer in multiphase queues Minkevicius, S.
Integrals related to the multidimensional-matrix Gaussian distribution Mukha, V. S.; Kako, N. F.
Nonparametric modeling of multidimensional memoryless processes Medvedev, A. V.; Tereshina, A. V.; Yareshenko, D. I.
Robust and sparse k-means clustering for high-dimensional data Filzmoser, P.; Brodinova S.; Ortner, T.; Breitender, C.; Rohm, M.
Overview of speech synthesis using LSTM neural networks Navickas, G.; Korvel, G.; Bernataviciene, J.
Finding significant variables in the problems of modelling less memory processes Mihov, E. D.
Comparative analysis of optimal algorithms treatment of stationary Poisson fluxes Nikitionak, V. I.; Vetokhin, S. S.; Bakhar, A. M.; Tereshko, E. V.
Identification of mineralization in geochemistry based on the spatial curvature of log-ratios Miksova, D.; Rieser, C.; Filzmoser, P.
Analysis of financial stability of the Belarusian economy based on microdata and expert information Malugin, V. I.; Novopoltsev, A. Yu.; Hryn, N. V.
Statistical properties of parameter estimators in the fractional Vasicek model Lohvinenko, S. S.
Influence of the training set on the prediction stability in estimation of acute pancreatitis severity Mangalova, E.; Chubarova, O.; Melekh, D.
Statistical approach to image compression based on a restricted Boltzmann machine Krasnoproshin, V. V.; Matskevich, V. V.
Probabilistic data analysis for predicting mean time before critical integrity losses of complex system when explicit quantitative requirements to integrity are not specified Kostogryzov, A.; Nistratov, A.; Nistratov, G.
Application of open Markov networks with various features at modeling real objects Kopats, D.; Matalytski, M.
About the processes in the changing fractional dimension space Kornet, M. E.; Medvedev, A. V.; Mihov, E. D.
New method to minimize the stress in multidimensional scaling Dzemyda, G.; Sabaliauskas, M.
Classification of Motion Regions with Convolutional Networks, Support Vector Machines, and Random Forests in Video-Based Analysis of Bee Traffic Kulyukin, V. A.; Mukherjee, S.; Vats, P.; Tiwari, A.; Burkatovskaya, Y. B.
Asymptotic expansions of solutions of mixed type SDE driven by fractional Brownian motions for small times Levakov, A. A.; Vaskouski, M. M.; Kachan, I. V.
Bayesian binomial regression model with a latent Gaussian field for analysis of epigenetic data Hubin, A.; Storvik, G.; Grini, P.; Butenko, M.
Simulation of adaptive control system with conflict flows of non-homogeneous requests Fedotkin, M. A.; Kudryavtsev, E. V.
On statistical estimation of transition probabilities matrix for Markov chain under incomplete observations Kharin, Yu. S.; Dernakova, O. V.
Statistical analysis of count conditionally nonlinear autoregressive time series by frequencies-based estimators Kharin, Yu. S.; Kislach, M. I.
On some new aspects in acquisition and analysis of brain electrical activity Kolchin, A. V.; Ionkina, H. G.
Performance and robustness in sequential testing of hypotheses Kharin, A. Yu.; Ton That Tu
Detecting changes in the dependence structure of a time series Dürre, A.; Fried, R.
Expected error rate in linear discrimination of balanced spatial Gaussian time series Karaliute, M.; Ducinskas, K.; Saltyte-Vaisiauske, L.
Modeling baltic market indices: a comparison of models Belovas, I.
Tourism in Belarus: indicators, satellite account and surveys Bokun, N.
Probabilistic approach in factorization by elliptic curve method Dermenzhy, I.; Vostrov, G.
On parameter estimation of double-censored stationary Gaussian time series Badziahin, I. A.
Approximate formulas for expectation of functionals from solution to linear Skorohod stochastic differential equation Egorov, A. D.; Zherelo, A. V.
Predicting the success of antegrade chronic total occlusion recanalization using machine learning Abramovich, M. S.; Kozlovsky, V. V.; Stelmashok, V. I.; Polonetsky, O. L.
Robust analogs of the Qn-estimate of scale for the Student distributions Shevlyakov, G. L.; Shirokov, I. S.; Litvinova, V. G.
On the upper bound of the risk in selection of the T best items Stoimenova, E.
Estimation of conditional survival function under dependent random censored data Abdushukurov, A. A.
Spatial model selection based on hybrid performance measure of linear classifier Ducinskas, K.; Dreiziene, L.
Investigation of conditions for asymptotic normality of spectral estimates Sakhno, L. M.
Recent results on the total variation distance Zubkov, A. M.
Minimum distance index for non-square complex valued mixing matrices Lietzen, N.; Virta, J.; Nordhausen, K.; Ilmonen, P.
Fractional stochastic volatility: F-Ornstein–Uhlenbeck and F-CIR processes Mishura, Yu.
Approximation of density functions using simplicial splines Machalova, J.; Talska, R.; Hron, K.
Hurst parameter estimation in fractional diffusion models Kubilius, K.
Testing structure of the covariance matrix: a non-normal approach Kollo, T.; von Rosen, D.; Valge, M.
Some results on the Brownian meander Orsingher, E.
Power skew symmetric distributions: tests for symmetry Rattihalli, R. N.; Raghunath, M.
Functional graphical model classification Li, P.; Maiti, T.
Inducing a target association between ordinal variables by using a parametric copula family Barbiero, A.
Computer Data Analysis and Modeling: Stochastics and Data Science : Proc. of the Twelfth Intern. Conf., Minsk, Sept. 18-22, 2019 -
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